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Profiling Services

  • Qualification Reports (Flat-Fee Profiles)
    Use standard sources (including contact information verification) to generate reports on individuals containing basic wealth and biographical information, if available.

Client provides: names to be researched with basic identifying information, and proprietary data to be incorporated into the report (e.g., giving, contact), if required

CP provides: report as defined above, in electronic (MS Word) and/or hard copy formats, with backup documentation

  • Full Biographical Profiles
    Qualification Reports as described above, with information from additional fee-for-search sources, such as Dun & Bradstreet, etc.
  • Fact Verification
    Information to answer a specific question or verify a particular fact (i.e., when a full report or profile is not necessary).
  • Screening and Screening Validation
    Quick categorization of small batches (e.g., under 300) of prospects; or confirming key information and ratings returned from vendor database screenings on top prospects.










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