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Pulawski Consulting provides a full range of fund-raising information services, including audit, strategic planning and outsourcing:



Clients have ranged from one-person social service shops, parishes, and
secondary schools to health care and state university systems.

Projects have included:

1.     Planning and executing single- and multi-day strategic planning retreats resulting in relevant goals; follow-up work to ensure that progress toward goals can be and is regularly measured and reported.

2.     Acting as a functional lead on vendor selection for database screening and other initiatives

3.     Acting as a functional lead on database screening implementation

4.     Assessing and reconfiguring the portfolio of research resources

5.     Training student workers on basic research techniques to fill out office capabilities

6.     Training the first researcher in an organization's history and assembling resources, forms, and procedures

7.     Retooling orientation and evaluation procedures for research and other technical staff

8.     Providing training and education to an organization's entire staff on the value and effective use of information in the fund-raising process

9.     Conducting a full audit of a research office, skills and capabilities, and recommending a course of action to reach a higher level of competency and operation

10.  Assessing and rewriting job descriptions for advancement services staff

11.  Conducting initial interviews to narrow pools of candidates for advancement services positions

12.  Providing a single profile to prepare for a high-level solicitation

13.  Providing a regular stream of profiling on tiers of an organization's top prospects

14.  Monitoring and providing regular updates on the ongoing activities and status changes of a group of constituents






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